Every time we judge an act to be good and fine, we want it to become more widespread, and this is natural.

Frédéric Bastiat
Section 4 of 7

In the construction of this pamphlet, Bastiat revolves from a liberal picture to its opposite in three paragraphs reminding us what fraternity is.

What today’s quote shows once more is that there is often a common ground between liberals and their opponents in terms of ultimate objectives. I remember once when I mentioned I was in favour of peace and against misery that someone retorted this was the case for most people. I am ready to believe it and demand to be believed as well. However, there is a major difference between liberals and their opponents concerning the way to reach these noble objectives.

Along with Frédéric Bastiat, I believe that the best way to find the truth is freedom and I am convinced that coercion is harmful. Thus concerning fraternity, Frédéric Bastiat tells us that it has to be voluntary action and cannot be imposed upon people to do good.

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