When we compare the height of two trees, their heights and the difference between their heights are distinct from our evaluation of them.

Frédéric Bastiat
Economic Harmonies

The last point of disagreement, in particular with Henri Storch concerning judgment as the source of value, shows that when a few details about what is really understood, the ones and the others are not far from agreeing with each other. What we have seen up to now is that the disagreements are mainly in stressing one or the other characteristic of value rather than a complete misunderstanding of the concept.

I note down today’s quote for the humility it can bring. Anytime and anywhere, there exist phenomenons that constitute truth in themselves but are subject to interpretation. To agree on an interpretation does not change anything to the underlying truth and does not guarantee that truth has been touched upon. I conclude that respecting others while knowing that we personally have our own weaknesses is essential to establish a constructive dialogue and help science move forwards.

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