Man rejects pain and suffering. And yet he is condemned by nature to the suffering privation brings if he does not embark upon the pain of work.

Frédéric Bastiat
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In the introduction to his pamphlet “The State”, Frédéric Bastiat describes what this concept that is so specific to the French means (it does not translate very well in English that prefers to use the word “government”). It is indeed a concept in which the personification plays an insidious role because it allows individuals to request action from “him” and to take responsibilities that only individuals should be able to take.

Today’s quote follows a litany of demands from people to the state and reminds us why these demands were allowed to appear. Before the cynical privatisation of profits and socialisation of losses appeared in our political system, Frédéric Bastiat pointed out at its source, namely the natural impossibility of satisfaction without efforts.

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