I must admit that my mind categorically refuses to accept that two contradictory assertions can be true at the same time.

Frédéric Bastiat
Letter No. 6
F. Bastiat to Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

Responding to the condescension of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Frédéric Bastiat insists on the fact that logic is one of his methods of thoughts (his writings use abundantly the reductio ad absurdum reasoning), thus exposing the inconsistency of his opponents who do not hesitate to use contradictory statements to explain their position. It makes me think about Thomas Sowell who constantly reminds us that “reality is not an option”.

This sixth letter is also an opportunity to give concrete examples showing why humanity, and not only the capitalist, benefits from capital formation. It is one of the arguments supporting the assertion that interest is not detrimental to borrowers, and even less to consumers who pay it indirectly.

The conclusion of the letter also deserves to be underlined. He exposes the famous harangue from Proudhon that reads “Property is theft”, which all in all is only a slogan using Newspeak a hundred years before 1948, when George Orwell published his indispensable novel 1984.

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