Unfortunately, certain capitalists have claimed monopolies and privileges for themselves that would be enough to explain this sentiment.

Frédéric Bastiat
Pamphlets II
Part 4 of 4

The sentiment to which today’s quote refers to is that of capital hatred (which will explain the increasing influence and future implementation of communism). In order to conclude this pamphlet, Frédéric Bastiat lists a certain number of things that derive logically from the confusion between wealth and money. The most pernicious is the manipulation of money by the government, which creates artificial inequalities that are thus unjust (unlike natural inequalities that are reflecting diversity in the world and lead to men’s cooperation).

He also reminds us that this type of injustice is at the source of wars and revolutions, which the well-established crony capitalism of our days could well engender again in the 21st century if the governments do not bring about a little more liberalism in their approach, which has been long overdue in the developed economies of the West.

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