What freedom, besides, can we leave men?

Frédéric Bastiat
Section 7 of 9

It is with a rhetorical question that Frédéric Bastiat explains the reason that is deeply ingrained  with political writers (those who are called the Anointed by Thomas Sowell) why they try to mould society despite the hubris it implies – they actually do not believe in liberty.

He notes a major contradiction in passing: those who strongly believe (even without realising it themselves) that man is incapable and cannot be left with the responsibility of using his own intelligence (hence the positive legislation) are the same who push for universal suffrage. That said, this inconsistency may be a blessing because the 20th century has taught us that when they are consistent and impose themselves and reject the democratic process, they truly become monstrous.

The question remains though: what is it that convinces these ambitious people who are ready to impose their own vision of what society should be, that they are the ones who detain the truth?

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