To learn and to share, such must be your motto, such is your destiny.

Frédéric Bastiat
Complete Works
Letter dated December 20th, 1849

Unfortunately, the late Alcide Fonteyraud did not have much chances to share what he had learnt because he died from cholera on August 12th, 1849 (he was born in 1822). The letter that Frédéric Bastiat is writing to him here repeats a dithyrambic description of the man made by Richard Cobden. Today’s quote reflects the high esteem held by Frédéric Bastiat towards studying and sharing knowledge.

A quick search allowed me to find his orbituary written by Adolphe Blanqui in the Journal des Economistes at the time. It is in French but whoever can read it will pay tribute to him.

I also found a scan of his posthumous book, Mélanges Economiques, that was published by Guillaumin in 1853. It is in French and I shall rush to read it.

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