Man’s starting point is ignorance and inexperience;

Frédéric Bastiat
Economic Harmonies

In a few pages, Frédéric Bastiat explores human action. The latter will then be the main topic of Ludwig von Mises’ Magnus Opus, Human Action in which he will develop his thoughts on the implications it has on our interactions and the necessary freedom it implies in order for a society to be harmonious.

That said, what is highlighted here is that this freedom of action requires that men are responsible – they will enjoy the benefits of it but also its pain and suffering when applicable. Today’s quote insists on the fact that pain and suffering is not an option. Be it the individual who was born inexperienced or humanity that is constantly improving its knowledge, man has always evolved and will always evolve.The freedom advocate is convinced that this movement towards perfection is better served by the freedom to act and the responsibility associated with it. Not least because delegating this freedom would be to give it to somebody who is himself ignorant and lacking experience, as brilliant as that person can be (and we find here again the topic of Friedrich Hayek’s Nobel Prize speech).

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